About Us

Hugh Cossard Mission
Food Expression is a marketing consultancy that provides a broad range of services to organizations in the food industry. Whether you need assistance for market analysis or "grassroot" marketing in retail stores, our mission is to assist you in developing sales and customer loyalty.

Our values and goals

  • Provide the best and most effective marketing services to our clients
  • Help our clients meet their objectives within their strategy, not revolutionize them
  • Focus on customer service and product quality
  • Develop employees' happiness and excellence
  • Care about health, food sanitation and safety. (We are HACCP Certified.)

Experience & Passion
Food Expression brings fifteen years of experience and knowledge in the food industry in Europe and in North America, as well as in export and international trade. Equally important, Food Expression's team is passionate about food and the emerging trends around healthy food, organic produce and meat.

Working Philosophy
To provide the best we ought to learn from you and your customers. Our management team encourages close partnership with our clients. Workshop and brainstorming sessions are part of our consulting process. We want to maintain long term relationships based on trust and knowledge sharing.