Services : Food Trading, Exporting & Buying

For businesses looking to expand their sales domestically and internationally, Food Expression offers its experience in food trading, exporting and purchasing.

Domestic & International Food Trading
With our network of food professionals, Food Expression can help both buyers and sellers meet each other's needs. Food Expression has an extensive knowledge of meat, produce and other food products in the United States and around the world.

Food Exporting
Food Expression assists food suppliers looking to broaden their market presence in foreign countries. We can assist you in the marketing and administrative aspects of your project so you can reap the rewards of international trade without the risks. Our services include:

  • Market analysis
  • Logistics and distribution network analysis and implementation (logistics, freight forwarders comparison, etc.)
  • Customer service implementation
  • Documentation
  • Translation
Food Buying & Negotiation
Food Expression is experienced with the buying process to optimize the cost of raw material while maintaing high-quality standards. We will help you evaluate the quality, credibility and viability of suppliers. Then we'll help you negotiate the best prices.