Services : Market Analysis & Survey

When your company needs relevant and accurate data about a local market, Food Expression is here to help.

The increasing success of healthy and organic food is changing consumer habits in urban areas. More and more local food providers are emerging in local markets with the potential of growing their business to a national level.

Unlike big marketing agencies or market data providers that mostly work at a national level, our studies are very targeted and specific. They help you understand:

  • Consumer demographics and purchase habits
  • Your company image, brand and product recognition
  • Your competition, including its merchandising and pricing strategy

We follow a well-defined methodology that includes the following steps:

  1. Workshop sessions where you and us define the goals of the study and the different tools that will support them (e.g. questionaire)
  2. Definition of the population and location to study
  3. Collection of the data
  4. Final analysis and report
  5. One-to-one presentation of findings and strategic recommendations