Services : Marketing & Sales Development

Hugh Cossard In order to increase your company's awareness, product recognition and brand equity, Food Expression connects you with local food professionals and decision makers, as well as final consumers.

Marketing to Decision Makers
With years of experience in the catering and retail industries, Food Expression has a great understanding of the motivations, goals and challenges of decision makers in the food industry. Those are also critical to your marketing activities since they know consumers' expectations and tastes very well. Maintaining a powerful network of professionals is key to collecting valuable information for your marketing strategy.

Some of our tactics to promote your products and company to buyers and managers are:

  • Participation in networking and special events, conferences and workshops
  • Assistance to tradeshows
  • Sponsoring of new store openings
  • Training to your products
  • Public relation
  • One-to-one meetings
  • Brochures, newsletters, advertising and email campaign

Marketing to Final Consumers
Food Expression promotes your existing and new products to final consumers. Depending on your objectives, we help you increase sales and awareness through a variety of techniques, including:

  • In-store events, such as sampling sessions, cooking demos and classes. This is the most effective service in terms of return on investment. Consumers love tasting products and get advice to best prepare them. A consulting approach often results in a purchase. With training in Europe and years of experience in catering, Food Expression guarantees the quality of your product will be showcased in the best conditions.
  • Marketing campaigns offline (advertising, coupons, etc.) and online (ecommerce, search engine, online advertising, e-coupons)